Alabama to install GPS tracking on mobile seo applications

Alabama is set to roll out a new mobile seolensing program in which mobile phone companies will be required to provide customers with GPS tracking.

The move comes in response to a report last month that found that some mobile seos were tracking users with the aim of tracking where they were.

Mobile seo is a new feature that lets users track location on their mobile phones by sending the device a GPS signal.

Mobile phone companies that don’t currently have GPS tracking systems, like AT&T and Verizon, already sell the capability to businesses and government agencies.

The new system, however, will require companies to be more transparent with their customers.

“We’re doing it for privacy and safety,” said Joe Glynn, senior vice president at the Alabama Department of Technology and Technology Policy.

According to a draft of the bill, the new requirement would be rolled out in the fall, but it’s unclear when the system will actually take effect.

The bill is expected to be approved by the Alabama Legislature in December, but the state could change the timeline, with the deadline for passing a new law likely to be in January or February.

Glynn said that since the bill is still being negotiated, he couldn’t provide more information about how it would work, but he did say that the state’s department of technology and technology policy would be responsible for setting up and running the new service.

The bill will likely require the state to pay mobile phone providers to install a device that tracks users’ location, according to Glynn.

He also said that the new feature would require the providers to give customers the option to opt out of the tracking by contacting the department of government.

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According to the Department of Transportation, Alabama has about 1.8 million GPS devices installed in its highways and roads.

Glynn said the company that provides the GPS systems to the mobile phone company is already paying for the equipment to be installed.

The company that is providing the technology for Alabama, the Alabama Telecommunications Company, will also pay for it.