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The Boise Seos service company is owned by Boise State University, and Boise Seotel is Boise State’s student-run service provider for the city of Boise.BLSB Services is Boise’s only student-owned service provider.BFSB Services was founded by three Boise State graduates: Jordan L. Waugh, Katerina M. Brown and David A. T. Smith.

Bailiwick is the Boise City Clerk.BTSB Services and BFSB services are both owned by the Boise State Community Foundation.BBSB Services provides financial aid, employment services and employment and career counseling.BCSB Services offers housing assistance and rental assistance.BDSB Services services include child welfare, housing assistance, and rent assistance.BYU School of Social Work provides peer counseling and referral services.BYUEB Services operates a referral service for the University of Wyoming.BYUSB Services helps people who have experienced homelessness and other financial challenges.BYUK Services provides free health and wellness services.CBFSB is Boise County’s child welfare agency.CBUSB is the City of Boise’s student services provider.CBDFSB provides health care for the underserved community.CBSB is a service provider providing job search services.CEDB is Idaho State’s community college student service provider, and is operated by the Idaho State University Students Association.CESB Services serves low-income adults.CEESB services provide assistance with rent, utilities and other needs.CEFSB and CESB services offer housing assistance for Boise residents and students.CEBSB services serve students at the University, the University Health System, and the University Center for Advanced Technology.CEMB is operated and managed by the University Emergency Management Agency.CMEB is operating a 24-hour emergency medical services team.CNMBSB provides assistance to residents who are experiencing homelessness and the elderly.CMBSB offers counseling and job training services for Boise.CMFSB offers assistance to Boise residents who have had a medical emergency.CMHSB services also provide shelter assistance and housing assistance.CMWSB services offers housing and housing support services to Boise’s homeless population.CMPB is owned and operated by Boise City Public Works.CMIB is providing free emergency medical care and medical evacuation services.CPBSB and CMIBSB are operated by City of Coeur d’Alene Emergency Management.CPFSB operates a 24/7 emergency medical service team.CPMBSB operates free shelter assistance for homeless Boise residents.CPNSB operates emergency management assistance for those experiencing homelessness.COPFSB also provides a 24 hour emergency medical response team for those with mental health issues.CPMSB provides housing and employment services to residents with substance abuse problems.CPNFB operates 24-hours emergency medical dispatch service for those who need to be evacuated due to natural disasters.CPNGB operates community health and food distribution services.CWBSB operations a 24hr emergency medical team.CWMSB operates the emergency medical dispatcher for the Coeur du Lac Emergency Operations Center.CWPSB operates services to those experiencing a medical crisis.CXBBS is the city’s emergency management services agency.CYBSB functions as a service for emergency management and emergency preparedness.