Brighton seo service provider, Brighton-area police, and a local police officer linked in the Boston Marathon bombings

Brighton’s seo provider Brighton Services is one of a number of companies that are linked to the Boston bombing investigation, police have said.

Brighton Service was one of the companies that was linked to one of two attacks in Boston last year that killed three people and injured more than 260.

A Brighton Police Department spokesman confirmed the connection between Brighton and the investigation.

“Brighton Services was a customer of one of our suppliers, an ISP, during the Boston Bombing investigation,” he said.

“Brighten Services has been working closely with Brighton Police and other agencies, including the FBI, to provide any relevant information necessary to support the investigation and to provide services to those in need of help.”

Brighten Service was not available for comment.

In August, a spokesman for Brighten Services said the company had been told to comply with the requests for information from the FBI.

The FBI is probing the Boston bombings that killed five and injured nearly 300 people, including police officers.

It is unclear how many people Brighten has worked with in the past.

At the time, Brighten said it was “not aware of any ongoing business relationships” with police.

As part of its investigation, Brighton police have asked for information about Brighten’s operations in the state.

They are also seeking information about any other companies Brighten operates in.

Brighten services said in a statement on Tuesday it had been advised by the Brighton Police to cease and desist any further activities with the company.

Police in Brighton also said they were looking into the possibility of criminal charges arising from the bombings.

If any charges are laid, they would be forwarded to the appropriate local district attorney’s office, Brighton Police said.