Dallas Seo Services says it’s shut down after a federal probe

Dallas Seoanews services firm said it was shut down Wednesday following a federal investigation into its role in a massive breach that resulted in data theft and data losses.

Dallas Seo, a data and information technology company, said the government has asked the company to shut down the company’s Dallas office, the offices of two subcontractors and its parent company, the Dallas-based Seo Group.

Dallas said it’s cooperating fully with the government’s investigation.

“We are working with the authorities on all fronts and are committed to making sure that our customers are protected,” said Seo President and CEO Rob Rieder.

“Dallas Seoanewers services firm, along with the Seo services contract and Dallas Seoonix contract, is cooperating fully in the investigation.”

The Dallas-area company had about 5,500 employees and a workforce of about 500 in Dallas.

Dallas’ Seo subsidiary had an office in San Francisco and a Dallas- based company in San Antonio.

The company said it had been the target of multiple investigations and criminal probes since late May.

The San Antonio-based company said its Dallas office was shuttered after a report by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In its report, DHS said that Dallas Seonix subcontractor and company management was not only aware of the breach, but that it “performed work in furtherance of a contract and a business relationship.”

The report said the company provided its subcontractors with a contract to access information from a number of government databases that were not intended for their use.

Dallas did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Dallas’s Seo subcontractor said it would “take appropriate remedial actions.”