Halifax seo says it will sell all its content to Facebook

A Halifax-based internet service provider said Friday it will stop selling some of its content on Facebook.

The move follows a backlash from the tech company, which has been embroiled in a wide-ranging scandal involving its business practices and allegations of fraud.

Facebook, which says it has taken steps to curb the use of its platform, said Friday that it would no longer buy advertising on its site from Halifax seoports, a service that connects Internet customers with service providers, for its services, including the Halifax seolinks.

The company says that it will work with the Nova Scotia government to continue to promote the service.

The seo, which is based in Halifax, said it would sell all of its services on Facebook starting next week.

A spokesperson for the seo said it was working to transition its business operations to Facebook.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Nova Scotia and federal governments have been in the middle of a bitter battle over whether Facebook should continue to provide Internet service for its customers.

Facebook’s move comes after a number of complaints about the service’s billing practices were made public.

Facebook said it has had to cut back its use of the seoport network because it is no longer financially viable.

Facebook says it works to keep users anonymous, so it has stopped paying the seolink fee, but it still pays $50 per seo to the Nova Scotians who subscribe.

Halifax seogroup is part of the Halifax-Crown-Sympathetic Regional Development Corporation.

It has been a seo for more than 30 years.

Its services include telecommunication and telemedicine services, digital media and public health.

Halifax-Seymour seo has about 2,000 members.

The agency says it also has services in rural areas and for the elderly.

Facebook also announced in January that it was discontinuing its Halifax-Symbolic Regional Development Corp. and the Halifax Seolinks Service.

Facebook had said at the time that the change was part of a broader change to its advertising business model.

It also said in a statement that it has changed its advertising practices to ensure the highest level of transparency.