How the NRA, Big Media, and the NRA Can Keep Blackburn in His Place

The NRA’s “Blackburn” campaign has been an embarrassment to the organization. 

It’s a political strategy that seems to have failed in every instance, but the NRA and Big Media have found a way to keep the blackburn in its place.

This has been evident in the NRA’s recent attempts to defend the right of the NRA to fire the NRA-ILA’s former executive director, Mike Manchin, over an unflattering article about his family.

The NRA was quick to defend Manchin and his family, saying they have a right to free speech, but that there is “no such thing as free speech in the gun-owning community.”

This was a convenient dodge, since it allowed the NRA the opportunity to defend its longstanding right to discriminate against anyone who dares criticize it or criticize the NRA. 

This has been particularly problematic because the NRA is now running ads attacking Manchin’s Democratic opponent in the upcoming election, Jon Ossoff.

The ads have the goal of portraying Ossof as a liberal Democrat who opposes the NRA for political reasons, and it’s not clear what kind of speech or politics Ossofs views are. 

The NRA has also been trying to attack OssoFs campaign to become the next mayor of Atlanta, which the NRA helped to found.

The group’s political arm, American Legislative Exchange Council, is attacking Ossofcans opponent, a black man, over his opposition to the NRA agenda, while the NRA has been pushing a new anti-crime, gun control bill that it says is backed by the NRA but is actually aimed at protecting black criminals.

The ad campaign is being led by a gun rights advocacy group, Second Amendment Foundation, and is designed to scare voters into voting for the NRA over the progressive Georgia Democratic Party. 

American Legislative Exchange has also spent millions attacking Osos plan to expand background checks for gun purchases. 

When I asked the NRA about the NRA ad campaign against OssoFacts, the NRA responded, “We have a responsibility to our members to tell the truth about what is in the news and to the American people.

We will continue to stand up for the Second Amendment.” 

In an effort to portray the NRA as an out-of-touch organization that has become too political, NRA spokesman Joe Walker said, The organization’s primary focus is to defend Second Amendment rights, and we believe that the only way to achieve this is by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers and the mentally ill. 

In a letter sent to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this month, Walker said the NRA wants to have a clear and accurate understanding of what is happening in the country, but “the reality is, we do not control gun laws in this country. 

NRA President Wayne LaPierre has been careful to point out that he doesn’t want to be a part of a political fight over guns, and that he believes that the NRA needs to focus on gun safety measures. 

I have no doubt that the gun lobby is determined to keep gun control alive and well. 

If the NRA decides to fight for the right to keep a gun, then I will be the first to say, “Yes, you can do that.” 

And I would also add that the people who support that right are not all Republicans or Tea Party types.