How to access your Google search history, services and more

By using the search bar, you can access your searches, search history and more.

You can also use the search results to search for topics related to the search you are currently in. 

Google Search Bar To access the search history for a specific search, tap the “Search History” button next to the results. 

To access your search history (the information that was returned for your search), tap the button to the right of your search results.

To get a summary of your searches and your search queries, tap on the “Results” section to the left of your results.

You’ll see a list of all your results for the search. 

Once you tap on a result, you’ll be taken to the page where you can tap on any of the results to get more information about it. 

How to Access Your Search History and Search Queries Google Search History – When you search for a keyword, you get a list with the results that match the search term.

You get a search bar with the search terms, your results, and the keywords that match that term. 

Search Queries – You can enter your search query to find the answers to your questions.

You tap the Search Results icon on the top right to see all of your answers. 

The search bar will display the search query.

Search Results – The results are displayed at the top of the search result page.

To search for more information, tap a search result and then tap on More results.