How to manage a fake bank account and get a loan from your uncle

The U.S. government is investigating a fake account linked to the Bank of America subsidiary that had been shut down in 2013, according to a report by the Wall Street Review.

The fraudster’s uncle, whose name is redacted in the article, used a fake credit card and bank account to transfer $25,000 from an account linked with the fake bank, the Journal reported.

He then deposited the money into a bank account linked directly to Bank of American, according a person familiar with the investigation.

The phony account was shut down after the Department of Homeland Security said it could not find the money.

Bank of Americans said it was cooperating with the government’s probe.

The Department of Justice, however, declined to comment.

Bank, the second-largest U.N. bank, said it had suspended its U.K.-based operations as part of the probe, the Wall Review reported.

The bank said it is cooperating with authorities.

The investigation is in its early stages, according the report.

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