How to use a free SSL certificate to verify your SSL certificate is legitimate

Google announced today that it is rolling out a new tool to verify that your SSL certificates are legitimate.

Google says the tool is called Certificates for Authenticity and that it can be used to check that your Google Apps credentials are legit.

Certificate for Authenticity lets you check that you have a valid SSL certificate, verify that you’re using the correct version of the Chrome browser, and verify that a given Google app has the correct permissions to read your data.

You can check CertificATES for Authenticiail by visiting Certificatie for Authentico.

The Chrome browser version can be found in Settings > About Firefox > Software Updates and checking the “Certificates and certificates” section.

For the Google Apps version, you’ll want to check the “certificate verification” section in your Settings > Accounts > Google Apps.

For more information about Certificating your Google accounts, check out our article Certificators and Certifications. 

Google says that Certificated apps will now be able to ask you for your Google credentials, so if you don’t have an account, you won’t be able sign into your Google account without signing into your own.

The new tool is only available for Android phones and tablets, but you can get it from the Chrome Web Store for $1.99. 

Google is also rolling out an extension that will let you verify the legitimacy of your Google apps’ credentials.

The extension, called VerifyYourCredentials, will also verify that all the data is present in your Google Accounts.

Google added that verification will work on any Google app, including apps that have been updated since the Google app update on December 17, 2017. 

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