More than two dozen Queensland businesses shut down after drought emergency

More than half of Queensland businesses are shutting down due to the drought emergency, with most businesses reporting a loss of at least $1 million in the latest business and financial update.

Key points:The Government announced a two-week relief period to get businesses back to businessAfter a two week pause to give businesses time to get through the relief period, businesses are now facing the wrath of the droughtEmergency relief for businesses has been extended to allow them to return to business after a two weeks pause to get business back to normal.

The Queensland Government announced it would be extending relief period until Friday at midnight, with businesses expected to have another two weeks to get back to full business.

But a spokesperson for the Premier said that had not been the case, with many businesses already suffering from drought conditions.

“The Queensland Business Recovery Fund (QBRF) has been renewed for two weeks and we will have the resources to meet the needs of businesses that have suffered from the severe drought,” the spokesperson said.

“However, the QBRF will also continue to provide support to businesses that need support to restore the Queensland economy.”

This is not an emergency, it is a period of time that will allow businesses to recover from the effects of the severe weather that has hit Queensland.

“More than half businesses are closingThe Premier’s Department is releasing the quarterly results of its Queensland Economic Survey for businesses to help provide a clearer picture of the state of business.”

Businesses that are operating in Queensland today have a negative outlook for the Queensland business environment and have made some very difficult decisions that have led to significant financial hardship,” the statement said.

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