MTV, Netflix, and Hulu are among a growing group of U.S. streaming services launching in 2018

MTV, the cable TV channel, and the U.K.-based Netflix, have teamed up to bring a service called “FastSeo” to U.L.A. The service, which is available via a new subscription streaming platform called Netflix Go, will be available in select cities starting in 2018.

According to the site, FastSeo will offer video and audio content from a number of sources, including Hulu and HBO.

This will come in both traditional and premium packages.

The company is aiming to make the service accessible to people of all ages, and will be targeting a “growing number of new subscribers,” according to the press release.

Netflix, meanwhile, is bringing the service to select U.C.

L and UC-Berkeley campuses, including the school’s new U.H.S./L.T. campus in Santa Monica, as well as the university’s new campus in the Santa Cruz hills.

The partnership will allow U.CCB to “provide more direct access to its students and faculty,” said Linda Bailes, a vice chancellor for student services at UC Berkeley.

Netflix is currently working on the service, and plans to launch the service in 2020.

The Netflix Go service will include content from some of Netflix’s most popular original series, including House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Orange is The New Black: Bloodline.

The original series will be supported with original episodes of other Netflix series, and there will be additional titles coming to the service later this year.