Phoenix Phoenix Police use new technology to identify suspects in homicides

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Phoenix police used new technology on Friday to identify suspected homicide suspects in the latest wave of unsolved killings in the city.

Police said they also used an app to find a suspect who was not arrested.

The app, called a “search engine,” is based on the same technology used to identify victims in homicides.

It uses data from crime-scene cameras to identify crime scenes, and the information is sent to a police computer where the system compares the names of the suspects to the names and addresses on the victims’ identification.

Phoenix Police Chief John Mina said the department had identified at least six suspects in at least seven homicides over the past five years.

The department is now searching for more.

Police have previously used search engines in other parts of the United States, including the Dallas Police Department and the Baltimore Police Department.

The technology was widely used in Boston in 2012 after a series of fatal police shootings, including of a black man, Jamar Clark.