Phoenix seo service workers on strike over pay

Phoenix seos services bromely, Phoenix seol service workers in brome, seo, service workers,service workers,workers source CBS Sports title Workers strike over Phoenix Seo service contract article Service workers at the Phoenix Seoan service company said they are on strike to protest an eight-year contract with the company.

The company said the strike is not connected to a pay dispute but instead stems from a contract change.

The Phoenix Seoa service workers union said on Friday that they have not agreed to a new contract with their employer.

The union said in a statement that the union is “deeply disappointed” with the new contract that Phoenix Seoi is offering workers.

Phoenix Seowa Service Workers Union president Mike Rizzo told CBS News that the strike will continue until the contract is reworked and the service workers are paid the same.

The service workers say they have been working for eight years to save a $300,000 pension and $500,000 for retirement benefits.

Phoenix-area workers at Phoenix Seoni said they expect the workers to be out on strike until at least February 14, when the contract expires.

Phoenix seoan employees who work at Phoenix seoa service centers in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

source title Phoenix Seone workers strike over eight-years of contract with Phoenix Seoin article Phoenix Seona Service Workers union president Mike Cramer told CBS affiliate KPNX-TV in Phoenix that Phoenix seone workers have been on strike since January 2 and said that the workers are not looking to settle their dispute.

Cramer said that they will continue to work as long as they can.

Phoenixseo employees are expected to start work on Feb. 1, and workers at other Phoenix seona service centers across the country are expected, too.

They can also be reached at [email protected]

CBS News’ Joe Walker contributed to this report.