‘The Big Three’ are the best in hockey – NHL.com

NHL.co.uk – NHL players are the most popular teams in the world, and some of the top backlinks on the web are the Big Three, according to a new survey.

The top five most popular hockey backlinks were Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube.

Google’s top spot was occupied by Google.com, followed by Bing.com and YouTube’s YouTube.com.

“The Big three are Google, Bing, YouTube and Facebook, all of which rank at the top of the web backlink ranking chart, with Google as the most commonly accessed website,” the NHL reported.

“Google’s dominance is not just due to the dominance of Google in the search engines, but also due to its dominance of search queries, with Bing having the second-highest share of searches in the US.”

The top six most searched words on Google are “sports”, “basketball”, “cricket”, “soccer”, “womens”, “sports” and “basketball”.

“These top six words have the highest number of queries per second for the top six, which means Google has the highest volume of queries for the words ‘sports’, ‘basketball’, ‘soccer’, ‘womans’ and ‘basketball’,” the report said.

“While Bing is still the most searched website in the UK, the UK’s biggest search engine, Bing’s share of queries has fallen to only 8% from 13% last year.”

Bing has also been the most frequently accessed website for men in the United Kingdom for a number of years now.

Bing has been the third most popular website for women for the past five years, behind only Facebook and YouTube.

“The NHL report noted that “Google’s dominant position in the web search engine ranking chart has had a detrimental effect on Google’s business”.”

The NHL survey suggests that Google’s dominance in the internet search engine rankings has had the adverse effect of hurting Google’s profits, and this has resulted in Google’s declining share of search revenues,” the report added.”

In 2017, Google’s revenue from search was approximately $13.2 billion, which was an increase of 0.2% on 2016.

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