What to know about Attorney Seo Services, the company that helps lawyers get access to a database of millions of court records

The lawyers and public defenders at the attorneys’ services company that is a key part of the government’s access database of court documents and records have been sued by a man who claims the company has violated his rights.

According to the lawsuit, the information contained in the government access database was obtained through a government warrant.

The lawsuit claims that the information was obtained in violation of the attorney-client privilege, which protects information from being disclosed to a third party without the client’s knowledge or consent.

The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court in New York, alleges that the database contains information on nearly 40 million court cases, including information on over 7,000 defendants, and information on more than 4,000 individuals, including former US presidents.

The documents included in the database were obtained through an investigation that started back in April of this year, according to the suit.

It was also alleged that the government used the database to track down the identity of lawyers who have sued the government in the past.

The government has denied the allegations, and has repeatedly insisted that the data was obtained under a valid legal warrant.

The attorneys’ service company, attorney seo, is the second major company that has been hit by a lawsuit by a former employee of the company, after another company, SeoWorks, was sued by the former chief executive of a government contractor, Edward Snowden.