What’s the deal with FourFour Two’s ‘Dont Talk About It’ campaign?

FourFourtwo has released a new campaign to remind users that ‘Talking About It’, the social media campaign designed to curb ‘fake news’ is not the only thing they should be doing.

In an article published on the FourFour two website, the company announced a new series of ‘dont talk about it’ campaigns designed to counter ‘fake stories’ in the news.

The campaign was inspired by ‘Dress Up For It’, which ran on the social network last year.

It’s been around for some time and was meant to raise awareness about the ‘dress-up effect’ – which refers to the fact that people dress up in different styles to look more like someone else.

In its first season, Dress Up For it, the campaign highlighted a range of popular clothing styles that were not only seen as cute, but also fashionable.

The campaigns team behind the campaign said that the ‘DONT talk about IT’ campaign was not the same as the original campaign.

It was an attempt to show the ‘real world’ the difference between the ‘dressing up effect’ and ‘fake information’.’

We wanted to make the campaign feel a bit more personal to the people that were reading it, and we wanted to show how the media can be used to change people’s lives,’ said Paul Trombley, senior communications manager for FourFour.

The first campaign features a series of videos of people, all dressed in different outfits, telling their stories about ‘how their life has changed in the last year’.

Trombley added that the company was keen to make a statement about ‘fake facts’ and the way we all interact with the internet.’

We know that the internet has made us happier, healthier, more independent, and more connected to each other, but we want to show that it can also make us more insecure, less secure, less safe, and make us less connected to our families, our communities, and to the world around us,’ he said.’

This is a campaign that’s designed to make people feel less connected and less safe online, so we think it’s important to use the power of the internet to show what people really feel about the world we live in.’

There’s no doubt that this is the internet, and it’s all made by humans, so it’s not something we should be using as an excuse to avoid doing anything.’

People should be able to be themselves, be confident in themselves, and have their own voice, regardless of what the internet is doing to us.’

The campaign is available to download now for iOS and Android devices, and will be rolled out to the full FourFour platform in the coming weeks.