Which lawyers are best suited to help you sue a lawyer in court?

There are some lawyers who specialize in specific areas, but not others.

One thing that may be missing from the list is a lawyer who knows how to take on the bigger issues.

Here are 10 lawyers who know how to work with small claims courts, personal injury and other legal matters.


Michael D. B. Gaffney, D.C.-based law firm Gaffneys & Co. Giffords Law Group & Giffers, LLC 2.

Mark M. Tashkin, Washington, D,C.

firm Tashkins Law Firm 3.

Steven L. Gaskins, Washington law firm Kroll & Associates, LLC 4.

Kenneth M. Rothman, Washington lawyer, firm Rothmans LLP 5.

Thomas F. Smith, Washington partner at Smith, Smith, Gaskin & Smith, LLC 6.

John J. Rabinowitz, New York law firm Rabinowitz, Smith & Co., LLP 7.

Christopher A. Wirth, Chicago law firm Wirth & Rabin, LLP 8.

Robert B. Weldon, Washington and New York partner at Wirth Law Firm, LLP 9.

Michael G. Sadowsky, Chicago partner at Weldon Law Firm &amp.

Partner at Smith & Sons LLP 10.

James E. Pappas, Chicago lawyer, partner at Pappac, Sadowskys & Sadowskiy, LLP Source Google News