Why do you still love ‘The Social Network’?

The latest poll by the social media analytics firm Quantcast finds that Americans still have a great deal of faith in Facebook.

While Americans may be less trusting than in past years, they’re still very positive about the social network’s future.

Among the results from the survey, the average American said they have a “very high” confidence that Facebook will keep their information private.

They’re even more optimistic about how Facebook will improve the quality of their content.

And Americans are also very positive that Facebook has a “good chance” of keeping them safe online.

In fact, just 18% of Americans are worried about being stalked or harassed on the social networking platform.

Americans still trust Facebook with their personal information More Americans said that they trust Facebook more than other social networks with a greater percentage than the previous time that Quantcast polled about the same topic.

Among Americans, 35% trust Facebook and 37% trust Twitter.

Facebook has made progress in recent years as more Americans have become comfortable with its content and user interface.

In a report published last year, Facebook said that it is seeing an “increasingly strong” increase in users who want to be able to read their posts on the platform.

Facebook also reported that its users spend more than twice as much time on social networking sites than they did five years ago.

But the company also faces criticism that it has been slow to change its policy and practices.

The company recently began requiring people to log in to Facebook to make sure that they are following the rules.

Facebook is also facing criticism that its policies and practices are hurting it’s bottom line.

In addition, Facebook has faced criticism that some users are posting illegal content, such as nude photos of celebrities and explicit videos of women.

The social networking company has faced backlash over the past few years from critics for its policies that make it difficult to control what people share and who they share it with.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has defended the social platform in the past and has said that the company has no plans to close its service or implement changes.

In response to the Quantcast poll, Zuckerberg tweeted, “We are seeing tremendous momentum on Facebook, which we are excited about.

And we’re working hard to make the platform even better for everyone.”